Posted by: Arvid | February 22, 2012

Mick & Nick, Tom & Tom

I’m not trying to confuse anyone, but Mick & Nick, Tom & Tom are four different people. Here are several fishing reports from the last few days; none of them are particularly good.

Sunday was a beautiful day and Tom, Mick and I fished the river by the airport for the evening bite. Topper, Faye and two friends were close by. Mick caught a nice walleye to keep, Topper caught an eater and I caught a 23″ walleye. A couple little ones to release and that was it.

Tom and I fished the river Monday morning and caught three nice walleyes. Mid morning we headed to the Lake; out of Morris Point and fished two spots; 32 & 37 feet. For the time we put in, it wasn’t good. We kept 6 saugers and 1 walleye. The only thing of interest to take a picture of was a unique sleeper. We should have stayed and fished the river as Topper and Faye found a spot by the airport that evening with good action. Topper said that they caught two nice walleyes to keep; a couple that were too big and some that got off right at the ice.

Monday night we got a 6″ to 7″ snow; our biggest snow of the winter and Tuesday was a light snow all day. Tom, Earl and I fished the airport late afternoon and Earl caught a nice 22″ walleye.  I caught three keepers & Tom was along for moral support. Nick & Topper were close by and they had one keeper.

Nick fished the mouth of the Bay over the weekend for pike and found it to be slow. It seemed like the only time he got any flags was when I came down to check on him. He caught a couple picklers, but nothing of any size. On Monday, He, Tom and Martin went to Crow for Lake Trout and caught three.

It’s late February, this kind of fishing is pretty much normal.

Faye with a nice walleye

Earl with a 22″ walleye 

Nick with a Crow Lake Lake Trout

A  nice 23″ walleye 

A unique sleeper – looks like the Crestliner Hilton


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