Posted by: Arvid | March 20, 2012

One thing better

Diane and I just returned from a week in Phoenix with Jodi, Steve & Scott. We had great weather and played golf three or four times with grandson Scott. I mentioned during one round that the one thing better than playing golf with a grandson is fishing with your grandson. I’m sure that Scott must have thought that the one thing better than fishing with grandpa is playing golf with grandpa. For a ten-year old, he plays really well and whipped grandpa good.

When we returned home, the snow was gone and the ice was deteriorating. There are birds that have come back and trees are budding. Just a little over a week ago we were driving pickups on the river and this past Sunday afternoon, my neighbor put his 4-wheeler through the ice in 22 feet of water near Clementson. He and another guy were in for a swim and fortunately got out. Now it’s to figure out how to get the 4-wheeler out.

I’ve added a few pictures that I didn’t have from some of the last ice fishing. At the end of winter test, there were two Bosch boys here from Germany and they got to experience some ice fishing and a meal of fresh walleye. Tom set them up in one of the shanties and while he was showing them the how to do it, he caught and released a nice 23″ walleye.  Michael ended up catching a nice walleye, then as the story goes, there was this sturgeon that tangled three lines and it went back down the hole before they could take a picture. Anyway, you can tell from the smiles that they were having a good time.

The bottom two pictures are of Tom’s brother, Dan, taken when they were up for a few days fishing after the end of winter test.

Michael & Fred enjoying and evening in the shanty

Michael with his walleye

Tom showed them what they were after – a nice 23″ walleye

Playing golf with Grandpa & Grandma

Dan with a nice walleye

Dan with a sturgeon


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