Posted by: Arvid | August 16, 2011

August Walleyes

After spending all of Sunday working the pancake breakfast at the senior center, I was ready for a little fishing. Monday morning, I picked up Willard shortly after 10:00 and we put the boat in at the Wheelers Point access. Not many “rigs” at the access; it’s that time of the year when fishing can be a little slow. We went out through the Gap to about 25 feet of water; set the downriggers and started for deeper water. We marked lots of fish, but it wasn’t until we got close to 30 feet that we started to get some action. There was maybe a dozen other boats scattered about in the area; a couple anchored up bait fishing, a couple drifting and the rest downrigging. We saw a couple of nice fishing being caught by those bait fishing so that was encouraging, as that has been quite slow recently. Over the next two hours, we caught nine walleyes; kept eight and released a nice slot fish. That’s not bad for August and right out in front of the Gap.

A nice August Walleye


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