Posted by: Arvid | September 12, 2011

A Weather Change

It has been a run of great weather we’ve been having lately; high temps in the 80’s and no rain. That’s going to change this week and there is a good chance we’ll get some frost over the next couple of days.

The Fall season is here and there is always plenty to do. It seems like each day there is something from the garden that needs to get done; pickles, tomatoes, corn, jams and jellies. The last few days a group of volunteers have been cleaning fish that senior groups in the area receive from the DNR’s Fall survey on the U.S. portion of Lake of the Woods. The resulting fish fries are well supported and are looked forward to each Fall.

Sunday afternoon, Don, Sue, Diane and I went to the Lake. A couple of reports had some fish being caught out from Pine Island in 27-28 foot of water. We put Don’s boat in at the Wheeler’s Point access and were fishing sometime around 4:00. There was hardly any breeze so we didn’t bother dropping anchor. The sky was hazy and it was difficult to make out the horizon; maybe the result of some fires up in Canada. There were boats in the area; some downrigging and some anchored up. We jig fished with shiners and crawlers and found the action steady enough to keep us happy. We ended up the 8 saugers and 5 walleyes; all nice fish.

River fishing has been slow; not even much of a sturgeon bite. There have been a couple reports of some minnows in the river and maybe the change in weather will bring some fish in. A lot of us are waiting, hoping for some good Fall fishing.

Sue with a nice walleye

Some of the fish cleaners

A Hazy Skyline






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