Posted by: Arvid | August 11, 2011

August Bluegills

Diane and I were in Bemidji for a couple of days earlier in the week and I had a chance to fish with Terry and Charlie on Tuesday evening. It’s what they call their League night. They don’t fish League any more; they just fish each Tuesday for whatever and wherever they feel like fishing. Diane and Bev ran a couple of errands and went out for dinner. We went to Gull Lake in search of bluegills. It was after 6:00 before we had the boat in the water and it was still really breezy and a little chilly. We tried three or four spots before we found some. Maybe it was the spot or the time of the day; maybe a little of both, because the later it got, the better was the bite. We kept our limit of five each and released that many or more. They are nice bluegills and it was fun fishing them for a change.

Terry with a nice bluegill

Charlie with a Gull Lake bluegill




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