Posted by: Arvid | July 17, 2011

Two at a Time

The warm weather has reached us here in northern Minnesota and along with it, high humidity. Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. the humidity was so high you could hardly see across the bay from the house. It would be a good day to go for a boat ride.

Diane and I put the boat in about noon and headed down the river. We took a dozen crawlers and thought we’d see if  there were any fish along Pine Island. When we reached the Lake there was a good off shore breeze that made for nice drifting. For the next 2-1/2 hours we made several drifts from twelve to seventeen feet of water. The action was good enough to keep us satisfied and we caught four walleyes; three saugers and a pike. We kept three nice walleyes and released all the rest that included a nice 25″ walleye.

Diane had an interest moment. She was bringing in a small sauger when, all of a sudden it got heavier. When she got the fish to the surface, what we thought was a nice walleye turned out to be about a 25″ pike. We netted it and the pike immediately spit out the small sauger that was hooked on Diane’s crawler harness. They are both still swimming around out there with the sauger nursing some teeth wounds.

Diane seems to always catch more fish than I do and now she’s catching two at a time.

A little sauger that was saved from a pike

A nice 25″ walleye


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