Posted by: Arvid | July 25, 2011

Get together

This past weekend we had some family come to Baudette for a get together. Brother-in-law, Bob, drove here from Colorado. Nephew, Joe, and his family came from New Jersey. Niece, Sarah, and her husband came from Denver. Julie and grandson, Matt, came from Indiana. Granddaughter, Megan, came from Illinois and Jonathan and his family from downstate. Jodi, Steve and Scott, along with my sister, Margie and her husband, Eric, had planned and were hoping to be with us, but illness and travel didn’t permit that and we missed not having them.

On the day that most of them arrived, storms rolled through the area and some much anticipated “good fishing” didn’t happen. The water got riled and that seems to shut down the bite for a few days. We went to the lake one day; fished Four Mile Bay and the outside of Pine and found only one small sauger. Fished the river one day when it was to windy to go to the lake and a big sucker was all that we could get. Most everybody left on Sunday and Megan and I fished the river for a couple hours before taking her to IFalls to catch a plane and she caught two little sturgeon.

The time that we were together went by much to quickly. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone and are looking forward to the next time that we can get together.


Laura with a sauger

Kurt with a big sucker

Megan with a little sturgeon


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