Posted by: Arvid | July 14, 2011

Spiny Water Flea

This is the time of year when fish have moved off shore and it takes different methods to catch them. In recent years a popular way is to go to thirty plus feet of water; drop anchor and bait fish with a jig. Still, others find using downriggers an effective way to catch a few fish. With a heavy May fly hatch, the bait fishing has slowed a bit and fishermen trying everything and traveling long distances to find fish.

I have never had any downriggers or did much downrigging, but after we got a larger boat last fall I have been giving some thought about getting some. A friend of mine had a extra set and offered to let me use them. Yesterday, Willard, Don and I went to the Lake with Willard the teacher and Don and I getting a refresher course. We got delayed a bit when I had to go back to town to get the boat key, but after that we had about three hours on the water on a very nice day. We ended up with eight nice walleyes and four saugers; enough for a meal for all of us.

Many times when we would pull in a line there would be Spiny Water Fleas attached to the line. They have infested our waters in recent years and it is unsure what effect it is going to have on our fishery. I guess it’s a given that they will fit into the food chain somewhere and there is concern that it may not be good.

Spiny Water Fleas attached to the line




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