Posted by: Arvid | June 29, 2011

A BTS Fishing Day

Bud invited his Bosch BTS drivers for a launch trip out of Ballard’s Resort on Tuesday and what a beautiful day it was. Don, Sheldon, Ralph and I met Bud at Ballard’s at 8:00 a.m. Our guide for the day was Tim Lyon who has been a guide for Ballard’s for about 10 years. Tim has his own winter business, Lyon Sleepers, so he keeps busy year around. We have a lot of good guides on the Lake and Tim ranks right up there with the best of them.

Our group was an interesting lot; a retired school superintendent and retired teacher; a school board member and two former school board members. We’ve had a lot of interesting and controversial things going on in our school district lately, but we left those topics on shore.

We left the dock with a sunny sky, a light breeze that would die to almost nothing in the late afternoon. The temperature was barely 50 degrees, but would get to the low 70’s by afternoon.  We went out through the Gap to about 30 feet of water and dropped anchor. We fished for over an hour and caught about 10 walleyes and saugers, with Don catching at least half of them. Sheldon caught a dandy 26-1/2 inch walleye that was the big fish for the day. Having enough fish to guarantee shore lunch, we pulled anchor and headed north to see if any fish were on the reefs off Knight & Bridges Islands. We drifted across the reefs and caught a fish or two each pass. It wasn’t fast fishing, but we all caught fish and it was good enough to keep us happy. We stopped at  Garden Island for a great shore lunch and then spent the afternoon on the reefs. It was a great day.

Sheldon with a beautiful 26-1/2 inch walleye

Bud with a nice walleye

l-r Don, Arvid, Bud, Ralph, Tim, Sheldon


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