Posted by: Arvid | June 17, 2011

A Little Muskie

After a rainy day on Wednesday that didn’t produce a lot of rain, Willard and I went to the Lake to try our luck at flat lining some crankbaits. We started in the Bay and there wasn’t much going on; one walleye, two pike and a small muskie. I think that is only the second muskie I’ve ever caught and it certainly isn’t anywhere close to the size of the first one. We went to the outside of Pine Island and trolled up and down the island in 6-13 feet of water. For the half day that we were out, we ended up catching seven walleyes; kept five 15″-17″ and released a 19″ & 21-1/2″.  After a slow start, Willard ended up with the hot hand, catching the last five. The fish were scattered and we couldn’t catch more than one in a spot. We have had better days; and worse.

Willard with a nice 21-1/2″ walleye

A Little Muskie


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