Posted by: Arvid | February 8, 2011

Something Different

Tom and I took advantage of the nice weather over the weekend and fished pike on the Baudette Bay for a little something different to do. Fishing with a tip-up and a jig stick, there is usually some action and always a chance to catch a big fish and some small ones to pickle. Tom had to work each day and fishing slowed by the time he was able to get down on the Bay, but we still caught and released a few hammer handles (little ones).  There is a slot on pike; any between 30″ and 40″ must be released. On Sunday morning I fished alone for a couple hours and caught two slot fish ten minutes apart; a 31″ and 35″. Didn’t catch anything close to 30″ the rest of time we fished. Late Sunday afternoon, as the sun was getting low, Tom suggested that we go and sit in one of the Bosch shanties on the river and maybe catch a walleye. As we started fishing Tom said that we were in a one bite house and sure enough, Tom got the only bite and caught a pike for pickling. Here it was, after dark and in the middle of the river. Pike usually don’t bite after dark and that was the last thing I expected to see come up the hole.

Tom with a pike in the “one bite” shanty


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