Posted by: Arvid | February 15, 2011

A Good Indicator

The local newspaper prints the court report that lists the traffic citations and DNR game and fish violations. This past month there have been numerous “fishing with an extra line” -$125. When one needs to fish with more than two lines, it’s a pretty good indicator of how well the fish have been biting.

Last Thursday and Friday, Don’s son-in-law and two friends were fishing north of Rocky Point. On Friday I went with Don and we spent most of the day where they were. Between the five of us we caught about 25 walleyes and saugers; mostly saugers. Don caught 8 of the 25 fish caught plus a 20″ walleye that he released before I could get a picture. It wasn’t great fishing, but better than some reports I’ve heard of.

On Sunday, after spending all morning flipping pancakes at the senior center, Jim (one of the Bosch Boys) and I fished the late afternoon for pike on the Baudette Bay.  We did have some action; caught three pike; two small ones and a little hammer handle and had other hits and flags. Our expert pike cleaner is gone for a week so we released all three.

Monday afternoon, Don and I took the snowmobiles to Four-Mile-Bay and fished a spot on the inside of the Gap that Don wanted to try. We gave it a couple of hours without and bite and decided that maybe another time might be better.

Jim with the hammer handle that took his jig stick out of his hand


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