Posted by: Arvid | January 30, 2011

An Adventure

On Friday morning, Don, Brad and I loaded the snowmobiles and headed for Kakagi (Crow) Lake. The weather was decent; about 11 degrees above zero when we unloaded the sleds and the ride across Crow was pretty much uneventful. There was lot of snow on the lake and there was slush here and there, which always makes things interesting. We decided to go into Rowan Lake and start there and were fishing before ten o’clock. We had no more than started fishing and it began to snow with a good breeze out of the east. The forecast was for light snow; maybe one to six inches. We quit fishing at three o’clock and by then we must have gotten most of the six inches of snow. Fishing wasn’t all that bad considering the weather. We caught eight lake trout; kept our limit and released the rest. The ride back to the pickup was interesting. Visibility was not good and with all the powder snow and pockets of slush, it made for some tense times. It was good thing that Brad had a GPS to get us back on track a couple of time. The trip was, for sure, an adventure.

Brad with a nice Lake Trout

Don with his Lake Trout

A nice Lake Trout


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