Posted by: Arvid | June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is usually a little late rock fishing for lake trout and especially this year when the ice went out early in April, but trout fishing this past weekend was surprisingly good.

Two of the Bosch boys, Tom & Jim, came up from Michigan and Jim’s dad, Bill, came from Denver for a weekend of trout fishing in Whitefish Bay. Jonathan brought one of his daughters, Britta, to stay with grandma Diane while he went with us. George and I were the two locals that witnessed the early spring and were really concerned about the lateness of the trip. We drove to Sioux Narrow on Friday afternoon; fished Saturday, Sunday and half a day on Monday. Because I didn’t catch much of a trout,  I won’t go into any details about who caught what and how many, but “WE”  caught  35 lake trout over the three days. George caught the big fish, 36″, but there is a little controversy; Tom caught and released one that he says was a tad bigger than George’s and George says it was a tad smaller. The trout we caught were from 24″ -32-1/2″ and quite a few were from 29″ – 32″. Monday was a good day; we only needed one for our possession limit to bring home and after catching that one early we caught and released fifteen. We also caught a few pike; some were in the mid 30″ range; that’s in the slot and were released. Every once in a while Jim, Tom and Jonathan would go and cast some plugs for smallmouth bass and northern pike. Good weather, good company, good fishing;  it was a great trip.

Jim, George, Bill, Tom & Jonathan with a daily limit of lake trout

Jonathan with a 32-1/2″ lake trout

Bill with a 31″ lake trout


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