Posted by: Arvid | June 4, 2010

The gals showed us up

Don, Sue, Diane and I fished late Thursday afternoon for about three hours. We have been hearing that out  in front of the Gap in thirty feet of water is the place to be. The main flotilla of boats were still a couple miles further out, but when we got to thirty feet we decided to drop anchor and try it. After a sunny start to the day, it turned cloudy with  just a light NE wind. A gold jig tipped with a frozen shiner is supposed to be the bait and it wasn’t long before one of the gals caught a small sauger. After that the bite became steady and we ended up catching about twenty-five walleyes and saugers with the gals doing most of the catching. Sue caught and released 21″ & 22″ walleyes; Diane released one 22″. We kept ten nice walleyes, four saugers and released about six little ones.

Sue with a pretty gold 22″ walleye

Diane with a nice 22″ walleye


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