Posted by: Arvid | May 16, 2010

The Fishing Opener

Many of the fishing openers are cold, windy, sometimes snow and once in a while there is still ice on the lake. The weather on this opener was summertime perfect and there were some fish being caught.

I didn’t rush the opener; right at the crack of 8:30 was early enough. I fished by the airport for about two hours. The water level is low and not much current. The action wasn’t fast, but steady. I kept three nice walleyes;  two small saugers and released four or five little saugers and walleyes.  After an early supper, Diane and I went back down to the same area. Not much at all going on for the first hour or so, but in the next hour, “WE” caught five nice walleyes and released a half-dozen little ones. If Gale (writer for the Northern Light newspaper) were writing this she would probably point out that the “missus” caught four and the “mister” caught one. The “mister” did catch and release  a 36″ sturgeon.

Gold seemed to be the preferred color, but I think patience was the key. There were several boats around when we started and they were coming, going and nobody was catching any.  George was in the boat next to us. He had his daughter Lisa, a friend of hers and Alton with him. When the fish started to bite we were the only two boats around. George’s boat  had five or six nice walleyes when we decided to leave and there was plenty of daylight left.

Alton with a nice walleye

Diane with a 17″ walleye


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