Posted by: Arvid | February 28, 2010

A Last Chance

The Bosch Boys are done for the season and last Wednesday was the last chance for Ken and Earl to fish before heading back home. It seemed like each evening one of them would get a walleye in the 26″ – 27″ range and maybe they would get an eater. On Monday Earl caught a 26″ walleye; Tuesday Ken caught a 26″ & Tom a 27″ walleye and Wednesday, Tom caught a 27-3/4″ walleye.

Tom is staying through early next week; taking a couple days vacation and is having some family coming up to fish with him. Saturday morning his group left for the lake; the ice road out of Adrian’s is now 14 miles past Pine Island. When I arrived, late morning, they had caught 7 walleyes and saugers and the bite had slowed; not much for nine guys. After an hour we moved down the road a mile or so and caught about a half dozen small saugers; nothing to keep, but one got the first fish money.  George arrived and the group moved back to where we first fished. George caught a nice 22″ walleye; I caught a 20″ walleye and one of the guys caught a nice sauger. Shortly after 3:00 p.m. Tom’s group packed it in and headed for the river near town. They caught two big walleyes; a 27″ and a 29″ and three eaters. George and I fished another hour and did nothing. On our way in we stopped and fished the Gap for an hour and George caught one eater. The days fishing wasn’t very good for the time we put in. Tom’s group was happy with what they did in the river and they ended up with enough for a fish fry.

The first fish; a $1 from everybody

Tom with a 27-3/4″ walleye

The Gap at Sunset


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