Posted by: Arvid | March 2, 2010

Like a Lamb

March has for sure come in like a lamb; we are having great weather. It has been sunny with low temps a little below zero; no wind and warming into the mid 30’s by early afternoon.

Sunday, after fishing the river in the early morning, Tom’s group went to Zipple Bay to fish Pike for a few hours. They caught a sturgeon, a nice walleye and a couple eaters that morning. After lunch I rode my snowmobile out to Zipple Bay to see how they were doing. I took the trail out to Pitt, then up through the Graceton swamp and came back to town via the river; about a fifty mile ride. It was a beautiful day and the trails were very good. Tom’s group had only two flags on their tip-ups and caught one pike, a dandy 38″, in the slot fish; released. They returned to the river for the late afternoon bite. There was a nice 24′ walleye, three eaters and a large burbot caught.

Monday Tom’s group went to the lake early; out of Adrian’s to the end of the road. They caught about thirty; mostly smaller saugers; three walleyes. They said I didn’t miss much. I was sitting on the river when they returned and that’s all we did was sit. Two small saugers was all that were caught; not a very good day.

Andy with a beautiful 38″ pike

Jessie with a 41″ sturgeon

Ronnie with a 26″ walleye

The Zipple Bay beverage and snack bar on the lake


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