Posted by: Arvid | February 23, 2010

A new first place

Three of the Bosch Boys, Tom, Ken, Earl and transport driver, Mick; when he’s here to pick up a load, have been fishing the late afternoons to finish out the long work days. Some days they fish the river for walleyes and other days the Baudette Bay for Northern Pike. The pike fishing has been so so with several small ones that are good to pickle and a few hammer handles that get released, but none in the 30″ to 40″ slot. Sunday evening after fishing pike for an hour and getting none, they headed for the shanty’s on the river and caught four nice walleyes; 13″ to 15″. The bite was late, even after dark. Monday, I went with them and we fished the river; Ken and Earl in one shanty and Tom and I in the other. Earl caught a nice 26″ walleye and a 40″ sturgeon. He thought he had first place and bragging rights until Tom gets a 27″ walleye. I caught the only fish to keep; a 14″ walleye. I guess that Ken was along to give Earl moral support.

Earl with a beautiful 26″ walleye

Tom with his first place, 27″ walleye

Earl with 40″ sturgeon

Ken with a hammer handle


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