Posted by: Arvid | February 16, 2010

Coming to the end

The cold weather testing season is coming to the end. By the end of this week most of the Bosch personnel will have left and just a few will remain to close the facility down. I guess that must mean that warmer weather is not far off. The Bosch boys didn’t have very good fishing this winter. After work some would go sit in the shanty’s for a couple hours and maybe catch a little one; once in a while a nice one, but many times they wouldn’t get a bite. Last week, before he left for the last time, Mike caught a nice 26″ walleye and got a picture with his cell phone. It looks like that will be the big Bosch walleye for the winter and he’ll get bragging rights for the next several months.

This past weekend, Tom, Ken, Earl and I fished the Baudette Bay. We caught several Northern Pike; most were those small hammer handles, but three or four were in 26″- 27″. Those are really good to pickle. We didn’t get any in the 30″- 40″ slot that must be released.

Mike with his 26″ walleye

Tom with a Pike


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