Posted by: Arvid | February 13, 2010

Should Have Been

Terry came up from Bemidji on Friday for a day of fishing. We went out of Adrian’s Resort to the end of the plowed road; ten miles once we crossed Pine Island. We set up a portable shanty and were fishing by 10:00. It turned out that it was one of those trips where we should have been there yesterday. We heard that the bite was good on Thursday, but it turned slow on Friday. We fished six hours and kept seven fish; four walleyes and three small saugers. We released a 21″ walleye and about a half dozen small saugers. We marked lots of fish; they would take a look and follow the bait up,  but they were not interested. One of those days; the fishing was great, but the catching was poor.

Terry with one of the walleyes we caught

Terry in the portable shanty


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