Posted by: Arvid | January 25, 2010

Winter has returned

After some very nice, above average weather for a good part of January, winter has returned. As I write this we are patiently waiting for a very large storm system to pass. The past few days has had a little of everything; rain, freezing rain and drizzle, snow and wind.

Sunday afternoon, three of the Bosch Boys; Tom, Ken, Jeff and I went to the lake for a little late afternoon fishing. We went off  Graceton Beach out to about twenty feet of water. It’s a good thing that we brought a couple of portable shanty’s along as the wind picked up from out of the northwest and it began snowing. We fished for a couple of hours; until after dark.   The four of us caught about a dozen fish; kept 8 walleye and sauger. No one color seemed to do best,  but Tom had the hot hole and was using a orange/green jig. If you talk to Tom, he’ll tell you it’s technique.

Jeff with a sauger and Tom with a walleye

Technique Tommy with a nice walleye


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