Posted by: Arvid | September 2, 2009

A sturgeon for Cameron

Monday afternoon, Katy, Cameron and I went out on the river to fish for sturgeon. We anchored up in about twenty feet of water; put a night crawler on a single hook let it lay on the river bottom. We had plenty of action; most I’m guessing were suckers or redhorse that would take all of the crawler except for about an inch or so left on the hook. We did catch one of those bait thiefs; about an 18″ redhorse. In a little over two hours we went through almost two dozen crawlers and we did catch two sturgeon; both were small and Cameron caught his first sturgeon. His was 28″ and the other we caught was 30″. Cameron had a good bite early on that he missed and I had a really good fish on briefly and when he took off he took my hook, sinker and some line with him. It’s my fault, I should pay closer attention to the condition of my line. It hasn’t been all that many years that one could go fishing for sturgeon and catch one, but they’ve made a remarkable comeback. You won’t always catch a big one, but many times you will.

Cameron with his 28 inch sturgeon

Cameron with his first sturgeon.

Katy with a 30 inch sturgeon

Katy and Arvid with a 30″ sturgeon


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