Posted by: Arvid | September 10, 2009

A Launch Trip

During the winter months a few of us retired folks do a little driving for Bud, who has contract with Bosch to transport some of their personnel back and forth to the Bemidji airport and do some other miscellaneous driving. Last year Bud was the receipient of a launch trip out of  Ballard’s resort and asked his four drivers to go with him. On Tuesday morning we met at Ballard’s at 8:00 a.m. for an all day trip complete with shore lunch. The weather wasn’t perfect; a good SE breeze to start the morning that switched to a strong west wind by mid-afternoon, complete with a strong thunderstorm right after lunch. After an hours ride across the lake we ended up fishing behind Hay Island, about half way between Garden Island and Little Oak. We made a few drifts using minnows and crawlers; caught walleyes, saugers and some big perch. We also anchored up in about 25 feet of water; used jigs with minnows and that was equally successful. At noon we pulled anchor and went to Kirk Island for a great shore lunch of fish, fried potatoes with onions and baked beans. After lunch we fished some more; sat through the thunderstorm and then had 1-1/2 hour ride home. Big fish for the day was a 19″ walleye. It was a good trip.

The Group

The Group; Sheldon, Terry, Arvid, Don, Bud and Captain Bill

Fish for shore lunch

Fish for shore lunch

Shore Lunch

Bill preparing our shore lunch


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