Posted by: Arvid | September 1, 2009

Fishing with Cameron

Cameron, the cousin of our grandson Scott, and his mother, Katy, are on a swing through northwestern Minnesota. Cameron has a goal of visiting each County in the state and this weekend brought them to Lake of the Woods.  Cameron likes to fish and fishing is usually pretty good up here, its the catching that gets a little slow once in the while. Reports are that fishing is still good between Zipple Bay and Long Point  in 28-32 feet of water either down rigging or anchored up and jigging, but fish are hard to come by in the Gap, Pine Island and Rainy River;  just a lot of little saugers. Some sturgeon are being caught in the river and I thought if Cameron could get one of those on his line that he’d have a good time. So Sunday afternoon the three of us fished two spots close to town for a couple of hours, but no sturgeon;  Cameron caught a nice eater; the only fish we caught.

Cameron with walleye

Cameron with his walleye; a nice eater


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