Posted by: Arvid | May 17, 2009

Stride 4 Scott

What weather we’ve been having; rainy, snow, windy and cold. I told some guys in the boat next to me a couple days ago that it sure seemed like October;  it was cold and the geese were honking. It sure was a short summer.

I took a break from the normal daily activities and drove to Bemidji Saturday morning  to participate in the Bemidji Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk. The main reason for my participation is for my grandson, Scott, a special,  wonderful young boy.  Many of you already know of him, but if you don’t,  check out his website at It was a sunny morning for the 5k walk; cold and windy; about 37 degrees when the walk started. I was with Scott’s aunt Mary and cousin Kelly. It took us a couple hours to complete the walk and we enjoyed ourselves as we visited with others along the route.

Fishing has been nothing short of exceptional in many of the northern Minnesota lakes and rivers so far this spring. I understand that anchored in about 17 feet of water outside the Gap has been very good. I have fished the river a couple times with good fishing in 13-14 feet of water. The river is up a bit with some of the rain that we’ve had and the current is still very strong. I still hear of many big fish being caught although I haven’t caught anything since opener over 18″. The reports I’ve heard from Red Lake are fantastic. Even my friend, Terry, isn’t having any trouble catching fish.


Scott, our leader for Team Scott (July ’08 photo)

Arvid Kelly and Mary in front of Babe

Team Scott participants in the Bemidji walk – Arvid, Kelly and Mary


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