Posted by: Arvid | May 11, 2009

Opening Weekend

There were a lot of good fishing reports that came off the Rainy River on opening weekend. Most of the folks that braved the cold and snow on opening day had  good fishing although some had difficulty in catching a limit  to keep. Different folks I talked with said that half the fish they caught were in the slot and had to be released with quite a few  in the 27″-30″ range. The boat landing across from the house was full all day and I watched from the comfort of the living room knowing that the forecast for the next few days was much better.

Mother’s day was better; frost and twenty-six degrees to start with, but it quickly got  nice and sunny. After helping with a pancake breakfast at our senior center all morning I put the boat in the water for the first time this spring. I went down by the airport and anchored in about 12′ of water. The river is high and the current is strong, but it’s not to dirty. The water is  still cold and the walleyes have just started to spawn. I fished from about 3:00-5:00 p.m. and caught ten walleyes; kept my limit of  four; all nice fish, but no bigger ones that were  in the slot.

I understand that there is a lot of water up east that’s still got to come our way we’ll probably have these same river conditions for some time yet. That could mean some good river fishing for a while this spring.

Op[ening weekend walleyes

Opening weekend walleyes


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