Posted by: Arvid | May 21, 2009

First trip camping this year

Diane and I went to Bemidji Tuesday; first trip with the camper this year. We had good weather and it’s always a relief when everything works after a winter of storage.

Late Tuesday afternoon Diane dropped me at Terry’s and headed for the Mall. Terry, his fishing league partner, Charlie, and I headed for lake Blackduck.  Reports were that Blackduck was the hot spot. We started fishing sometime after 6:00 p.m. and the first hour produce four or five small northern. A change in location brought immediate results and during the next hour the action was great. We must have caught nearly 25 walleyes; all 13″-15″ and like Terry said “That’s Blackduck walleyes. We kept our limit of 18 and were on our way home before dark.

Wednesday we had a nice fish fry for lunch and  were invited to Terry’s for dinner. When we returned to the campground, I went down to the fishing pier and  fished for an hour before dark . I caught a small perch and a nice 15” walleye. Reports for Lake Bemidji have been terrible (15 league boats caught 5 fish the same night we went to Blackduck). Thursday morning I went down to the dock shortly after 7:00 a.m. and there was a young fellow fishing. He told me that he just graduated from collage and was looking for a job and was hoping to catch on with the Parks. He said that he was one of 57 that applied for a part-time seasonal job at Itasca. It’s not a good year for the college grads. Anyway, we fished together for about an hour and I caught 1 small perch.  I took him up to the fish cleaning house and cleaned the walleye for him that I caught the evening before. He was pretty happy with that.

Charlie with a Blackduck walleye

Charlie with a lake Blackduck walleye

Terry with a Blackduck walleye

Terry with a lake Blackduck walleye


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