Posted by: Arvid | February 7, 2009

Fishing with Don

Last Fall when Don and I were picking cranberries he made the comment that we needed to fish together this winter. We have had a tough time getting together; both of us being retired, busy schedules and all.  But we did, and on Thursday we went to the Lake. He has a fish house out of Morris Point in about twenty-eight feet of water. It was a beautiful morning and we were fishing by 10:00 a.m. Fishing was much like it has been of late; slow. We were there until about 4:00 p.m. and ended up with three walleyes and three saugers; all nice. We released about that many small ones. On Friday we decided to give the crappies a try up by Nestor Falls, seventy miles NE of Baudette. The weather was great, but we couldn’t say that about the fishing;  it was worse than the day before. We spent most of the day on the ice and caught seven crappies, a few small perch and a tullibee. Others in the area were not doing any better; it was just a slow day, but we had a good time.


Don with a  walleye


Don with a nice crappie


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