Posted by: Arvid | February 22, 2009

Winter Lake Trout

It had been years since I fished lake trout in the winter so when Don asked me if I would like to go with he and his son, Brad, there was no hesitation; the answer was yes.

On Saturday morning we loaded the snowmobiles onto Brad’s trailer and were at the Border checking into Canada before 7:00. Our destination was Crow (kakagi) Lake near Nester Falls, about 70 miles NE of Baudette. It was five degree above when we left Baudette, but four below as we unloaded the snowmobiles and prepared for about a twenty mile ride to where we planned on fishing. What a difference these modern day clothing and snowmobiles are. In the “old” days we didn’t have helmets; the snowmobiles didn’t have hand warmers, etc. Running conditions on the lakes were good and we were soon zipping across Crow Lake at speeds up to 50 mph. We crossed a mile long portage; across another lake; another short portage and onto Rowan Lake.  As we started to fish the clouds began to break up and the sun came out. The wind was brisk at times which made it a little chilly, but it was still a nice day. Fishing wasn’t great, but it sure was OK for late February. We fished two different spots with one spot as good as the other. We all caught trout;  the three of us caught nine; most were between three and six pounds. We kept our limit and released the others. We had a great day and didn’t need to catch fish to make the day; that was just bonus.


Brad with a nice Lake Trout


Don with a nice Lake Trout


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