Posted by: Arvid | January 31, 2009

Just passing time

Grandson Scott is just passing time and practicing  his fishing skills until he comes to Minnesota this summer to fish with Papa.

Fishing in Minnesota; there  is not much for change; it’s still January. After a few days of cold weather, the temperature got decent so I opened the holes in the shanty on Friday afternoon.  A short bite just before dark produced two nice walleyes; 14″ & 18″ and a very nice one that got off  just below the ice. I got a look at it and it was way to big to keep. Saturday morning it was back at the house by 9:00 and didn’t have a bite.

I’ve talked to some guys that have fished the Lake this past week and reports are not very good. Hopefully, as we get later into February things will change.


This is the crap (she meant Carp) they catch in Phoenix


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