Posted by: Arvid | October 25, 2008

A day of sun; a day of rain

My friend, Chuck, is back in Minnesota for a visit with family and friends. He fished with his brother for a few days around the Ottertail area before making his way north to visit his sister and then to our place. We got in two days of fishing; Thursday, a very nice sunny day and Friday, a day of light rain. Fishing on the river wasn’t great, but good enough to keep us happy. We fished the middle of the river in 18-19 feet of water in the middle of the day, then fished the shoreline in 11-12 feet an hour of so before dark. We caught numerous little fish each time out and enough eaters for two nice lunches and a limit for him to go home with. We caught five nice walleyes in the slot that were from 19″ to 23″, but no big fish. We also caught three sturgeon from 30″-36″. Once we each had one on at the same time; that proved to be interesting and it was suprising that the line tangle was no worse than it was.

Chuck with a nice 23″ walleye; big fish for the two days

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