Posted by: Arvid | October 18, 2008

MEA Weekend

It’s MEA weekend and the area has fishermen and bird hunters all over the place. It’s the busiest that I’ve seen the river in a long time.

On Friday, Willard and I went for a ride and a walk in the woods. The weather was good and it’s a great time of the year to be out in the woods. There doesn’t seem to be that many grouse; we only saw three and got two of them. We talked to a couple other parties and that seems to be what they were doing, also.

We got back to Willard’s late in the afternoon; added a little clothing and went fishing for a couple hours. Willard and I caught and kept three nice walleye and released a number of little ones. I had fished the river Thursday evening up by Hattie’s and brought nothing home. That’s not very good for this time of the year and I haven’t observed anybody else catching much of anything the past couple of days either.

Willard with a nice 19″ walleye

Two ruffed grouse

Fall colors in the forest; Tamarack ready to drop their needles

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