Posted by: Arvid | December 12, 2007

On the ice

We have had some winter and ice conditions are getting better. Some areas on the river have 7″-8″ of ice; other places maybe 3″ or less. It’s important that you’re careful and know where the bad spots are.

The Bosch winter test team is in Baudette and it looks like it’s going to be a busy season. Some of the Bosch Boys like playing hockey at the arena during their lunch break; others like to fish for a hour or so before dark if they can get away. On Tuesday Tom and I walked down to the river shortly after 4:00. We barely had an hour of daylight and with the temperature about ten degrees and a light breeze out of the west, it was cool and an hour would be long enough. We chipped some holes through about 8″ of ice in what I would guess would be about 15′ of water. The bite was good; we caught eleven walleyes; kept seven in the 16″ to 17″ range and released four; two little ones and two about 22″- 23″. The catch was evenly divided; Tommy can still catch fish.

Reports are that the Lake has 12″-13″ of ice and that it’s busy out in the resort area. I’ve heard that there is a good bite in about 27′ of water; that seems kind of deep for this time of the year.

Tom with a nice 17″ walleye


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