Posted by: Arvid | December 26, 2007

Wow! What a Fish

Julie, Jonathan and their families have been in Baudette for the Christmas holiday. We haven’t had much of a chance to do any fishing with all the goings on, but on Christmas afternoon, son-in-law, Darlis and I went down on the river for that last hour of fishing before dark. I had fished a few times before Christmas with not much success so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I have my little one person shanty with two holes in about 16′ of water. We were both sitting in the shanty fishing with one line each. I had caught three little saugers that were released and a small walleye for the pail and was thinking that it sure would be nice if Darlis would get a bite, when he gets a nice 17″ walleye. There was a hole a few feet from the shanty that I had another line in and when I went out the check on it Darlis gets another nice walleye. It happened again that he caught nice walleye when I went out to check the line. We had four walleyes and two saugers in the pail (Darlis caught the four nice ones) when we decided to call it quits. I went to wrap up the outside line when I heard this commotion in the shanty and a wrap on the window. When I opened the door Darlis was holding this huge fish, a beautiful 29″ walleye. Darlis got quite a Christmas present; what a fish.

Darlis with his 29″ walleye that he released


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