Posted by: Arvid | December 5, 2007

Making Ice

Winter has arrived (16 degrees below zero this morning) and it’s making ice. The river has frozen over, but there are still some open spots and many areas where the ice is very thing. Snow cover will hamper making good ice. Nobody should venture out on the river yet. The resort area is gearing up for the winter season and many of them have guests coming for this weekend. The Lake had froze some, then opened up with a strong northwest wind. My neighbor was out by Sandy Shores (norhtwest of Zipple Bay) a few days ago and said “it’s like a train wreck” with ice piled up 8-10 feet. It might be interesting getting around on the lake this winter.

The pictures below are a couple that Wally took the Sunday afternoon he got his buck. He had a good time that day.

Fawn & Doe.JPG
A doe & fawn before the buck came

Real Close Fawn.JPG
The fawn was close


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