Posted by: Arvid | October 8, 2007

Some Weather Pattern

It has been some weather pattern that we’ve been having. The wind blows from one direction one day and the opposite direction the next. We’ve had a lot of windy, cloudy and damp days lately. River fishing is a little bit like the weather; good one day; not so good the next and you really can’t tell which day you’re going to get.

Willard called Sunday afternoon and invited me to go fishing with him. We hadn’t fished together this summer and he thought that if we were doing to do it, we had better get with it. He acquired himself a used pontoon with a complete enclosed top to make fall fishing a little more comfortable for himself. We fished the river by his place for about three hours.  It was cloudy with a little mist in the air and a good breeze from the northwest. There were several other boats in the area, but we didn’t see much for fish being caught. We anchored up in about fifteen feet of water and fished with live shiners.  We caught about ten walleyes and sauger; kept six and a nice perch. We were happy with that and more importantly, quite comfortable.

Willard with his pontoon.jpg
Willard on the deck of his pontoon

Willrd with two nice walleyes.jpg
Willard with two nice fall walleyes


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