Posted by: Arvid | October 3, 2007


Lake of the Woods has long been know as the Walleye Capital of the World.  Maybe now it should get some recognition for growing big peppers.  There is a small, but devoted group of gardeners dedicated to growing the biggest pepper and for six years there has been a contest to see who will reign as the pepper king or queen for the year.  The competition is fierce and in two of the years the difference between first and second place has been less than three grams.  Up until this year it has taken a larger pepper than the previous year to win.  It must have been a bit of an off year for peppers because this humble writer won for the second time with a pepper weighing 389.0 grams.  It out-weighed the second place pepper by 2.6 grams.  The all-time heaviest pepper was grown in 2006 and weighed 525.8 grams.  This is all in fun, of course.

Arvid with big pepper.jpg
The 2004 & 2007 Pepper King


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