Posted by: Arvid | October 15, 2007

She can still catch fish

We have had some rain, maybe close to three inches, during the first two weeks of October. Areas east of here must have gotten more than that from the looks of the river.  The water level is up with plenty of current and it’s dirty.  Fishing the middle of the river is fruitless because your line is continually picking up dead grass and weed.  Fishing reports were not very encouraging; numerous “never had a bite” comments, but a couple of reports had boats picking up a few fish, fishing up tight to the river bank where the current and weeds were less.

It was a nice weekend in Baudette. We had some sun which has been almost non-existent the past couple of weeks. I asked Diane if she wanted to go fishing with me for a couple hours just to get outside. Not expecting a whole lot, we went down river by the airport and anchored up close to shore in maybe 11-12 feet of water. The water temperature was a little over fifty degrees, still to warm for really good fishing.  Fishing wasn’t great, but it was OK.  It’s the same old story; got out fished again.  We caught eight walleyes, a sauger and two sturgeon.  Diane caught and released a 19-1/2″ walleye and a 40″ sturgeon; she caught a 18″ walleye that we kept. I caught a 16″ walleye and a sturgeon about 30″.  Five small walleyes were released.  It was a good time.

Diane with 19 inch walleye.jpg
Diane with a 19-1/2″ walleye

Arvid holding Diane's 40 inch sturgeon.jpg
Diane’s 40″ sturgeon

Fighting a sturgeon.jpg
Playing a sturgeon at sunset


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