Posted by: Arvid | June 27, 2007

Keeping Busy

Haven’t been working hard, but sure have been busy. A lot of time has been spent this past year getting the senior fishing and boating program up and running and we are now on the water taking seniors fishing or on boating excursions. Last week the pontoon was used in the 10th annual Take A Kid Fishing day where seniors and kids fished together creating a nice inter-generational experience.

We have some family home now. Ten days ago I met grandson, Matt, and his dad in Wisconsin so that he could spend some time in Baudette with us. We fished Red Lake with Mike for a couple of hours on the way home and caught a few walleyes and drum. The walleyes were either too big or too small; nothing in the slot that we could keep. We fished in about five feet of water using small jigs tipped with minnows. Our other grandson, Scott, and his parents came early last week and the one day that it didn’t blow to bad we went to the lake. We fished inside the Gap, outside the Gap and down along Pine Island in various depths. The fished seemed scattered as we found a few fish at most depths. We ended up keeping three walleyes and released several small ones, all caught on shiners.

LGF with Seniors Pontoon.jpg
Lake of the Woods Chapter Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors Pontoon

Matthew with Fresh Water Drum.jpg
Matt with a Red Lake Sheephead (Fresh Water Drum)

Steve and Scott with 17 inch walleye.jpg
Steve and Scott with a 17″ Lake of the Woods Walleye


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