Posted by: Arvid | June 7, 2007

Windy Weather

My uncle and his wife were here for a visit over the weekend and we spent some of the visiting time in the boat.  Saturday evening, with thunderstorms threatening, we fished the river with no success.  Four very small walleyes and saugers was all we could come up with.  Sunday, we put the boat in at the Wheeler’s Point access.  It was sunny and nice, but too windy to get on the lake so we fished the river and Four Mile Bay.  The action was steady and we ended up keeping six walleyes, two sauger and a perch.  We caught and released a number of small walleye and sauger, plus a walleye uncle Noie caught that was in the slot.

Noie and Arvid with 20 inch walleye.jpg
A nice walleye in the 19-1/2″ to 28″ slot to be released

Noie & Janice.jpg
Noie & Janice with a nice 15″ walleye


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