Posted by: Arvid | June 29, 2007

Grandkid’s caught the fish

We have had some great weather for two days in a row; not a lot of wind and temperatures in the low seventies. Thursday, Steve, Scott and I went to the Lake and fished just outside the Gap near the green buoy in 10-14 feet of water. We back trolled with crawlers and shiners. There were lots of fish; most of them small, but we did manage to keep five eaters. Friday afternoon, Steve, Scott, Matt and I went back to the Lake where we found most of the boats were fishing deeper water. A light breeze made for a good drift and we, I should say the grandkid’s, caught a number of fish in 18-20 feet. We ended up keeping eight over about a two hour period; all caught by the grandkid’s. It was a good day and it’s nice that there are still some fish around the Gap this time of the year.

Scott with his 15 inch walleye.jpg
Scott with his 15″ walleye

Matt with his 17 inch walleye.jpg
Matt with his 17″ walleye

Matt and Scott with their walleyes.jpg
Scott and Matt with their walleyes


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