Posted by: Arvid | October 21, 2006

Fishing in Snow Showers

If a person didn’t know better you’d think this was November and not October the way the weather has been. Where is that Indian summer?

This is probably the busiest fall weekend for fishermen in the area; the river is a busy place. Fishing reports are mixed with some doing well and others just so-so. Late Thursday afternoon I fished for a couple hours and caught three small walleyes and a sauger. Also released a couple of little saugers and a 25-1/2″ walleye, a nice fish. Friday I fished in the snow showers for an hour and caught two nice walleyes and a sauger.

Twenty-five and one-half inch walleye.jpg
A 25-1/2″ Walleye, still in the river to be caught another day. 

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