Posted by: Arvid | October 17, 2006

Not Great, but OK

A friend that I grew up with in my younger years, Chuck Koch, was back in Minnesota to visit family and came to Baudette for a couple of days. We managed to fish both days without getting rained on or blown off the river. We fished up river by Hattie’s, anchored up in about 17 feet of water. On Sunday WE caught (Chuck caught most of them) seven nice walleyes in the 14″ to 16-1/2″ range, we just couldn’t get that eighth one. There we a lot of people out fishing, but I don’t think there was much catching being done. On Monday, we kept six walleyes, released a 22″ walleye and a 48″ sturgeon. Fishing wasn’t great, but after the week of weather we just had, maybe it was ok.

Chuck with Fall  Rainy River Walleye.jpg
Chuck with October Walleye

Arvid with a 22 inch walleye.jpg
Arvid with 22″ walleye

Chuck with October walleyes.jpg
Chuck with six nice walleyes

Arvid with 48 inch sturgeon.jpg
Arvid with 48″ sturgeon

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