Posted by: Arvid | June 13, 2006

Camping & Cat-fishing

Five couples, Gerry & Monica, Mike & Jean, Dave & Sandy, Clyde & Leah and Arvid & Diane spent a weekend camping and cat-fishing on the Red River in Selkirk, Manitoba. The guys did the fishing; the ladies did the important things like garage sales, shopping, lunch and card playing. The weather was good; no rain and not too hot.

Fishing was not what it should be at this time of the year and nobody had an answer as to why. The river was low with not the usual current. We fished at night, except for a while on Saturday when only one fish was caught. For the three nights fishing we caught 29 channel catfish and at least that many freshwater drum. Most of the catfish were in the 31″ to 34″ range. Three or four that were under 24″; and could have been kept, but our trip was only catch and release. The largest fish we had was 36″ and weighed 23 lbs. The drum were good size; most around 20″.

The excitement for the weekend was when the ladies were checking out the garage sales and needed a bathroom break. They stopped at McDonald’s and Monica got herself locked in the bathroom when the lock on the door handle malfunctioned. The manager removed the door vent and handed Monica tools to remove the hinge pins. The manager and a rubber mallet completed the removal of the door from the outside.  Twenty-five minutes later she and with her four companions looking on she was free…….

Clyde with a 34″ Cat

Arvid with a 34″, 17# Cat

Clyde with a Freshwater Drum

Monica with tools and door pins in hand

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