Posted by: Arvid | March 28, 2006

Early Spring Boat Fishing

There is a lot of activity at the boat landings east of Baudette as the river opens up and boat fishermen are getting a few days of fishing before the season closes on April 15th. The river has been wide open at Birchdale and Frontier for a few days and was just opening up at Clementson on Sunday. If you have the patience to wait to launch your boat the reward can be some good fishing. Waiting times at the Birchdale and Frontier landings can be timed in hours and the walk from the boat ramp to your pickup and trailer is best measured in tenths of miles. The only thing short is patience and fuses. Rarely would you find any of the locals up there fighting the crowds. Not that we don’t have the patience. We do; we just wait for the river to open in Baudette.

Open River at Frontier

Frontier Landing

Vidas Landing at Clementson

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