Posted by: Arvid | March 15, 2006

Neighbor Jeff to the Rescue

We had a little excitement in the house the other day. A gray squirrel decided to try and find out what was at the bottom of the chimney. Diane heard something in the chimney and we thought it could have been a bird which has happened two or three times in the past, but she said that it sounded like it was bigger than those little birds. She said that we’ll check the cleanout in a day or so and see what’s in there. Well, it didn’t take that long. The next day I went down the basement only to have the squirrel sitting on the floor looking at me. It must have come out the pipe on the gas furnace. I flushed it out of its hiding place and chased it across the room three times hoping that Diane could get a landing net over it, but that didn’t work. So I called neighbor Jeff and he came over with a pellet gun and with one well placed shot we were fortunate to end the disturbance without a mess. Jeff said that it’s breeding season for the squirrels now so they are out and about being quite active. I guess that I’m going to have to put a screen over the chimney to prevent any more of these happenings.

We didn’t get any snow this past weekend, thank goodness. Some of our snow has melted, but we still have snowbanks and with the cool temperatures that are forecasted we’ll have some snowbanks for a while.

There was fishing derby on the Lake last Saturday for the benefit of our golf course that is in dire financial straits. The golf course has a second nine holes that is under construction and from the stories that I hear; anything that could go wrong has. Anyway, about 350 people fished the derby and caught 61 fish. Fish were caught in all of the categories; walleye; sauger, northern; perch; burbot and tulibee. That’s really not too bad for as poor as fishing has been.

Snowbanks on March 15th

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