Posted by: Arvid | July 19, 2015

Bluegills, Blueberries & Peas in the pod

I went to Bemidji on Saturday and fished bluegills with Terry for a few hours on Gull lake. It was really breezy and the more the day wore on the stronger the wind got. Fishing wasn’t what you’d expect for bluegill fishing and we moved several times. We’d catch two or three and move again. Gull is a five fish lake and we kept our ten; in the 8″-9″ range and released about that many. All the weather fronts that have been going through the area have probably affected the bite.

It looks like blueberries are a bust this year with some late frost taking its toll. Jeff and I were out last week looking and found nothing worth going back for. The past two years were excellent crops so it’s no surprise to have an off-year.

We’ve had some rain and warm weather lately and the gardens are looking really good. The peas are ready the variety we have usually has eight or nine peas in a pod; once in a while ten. The other day there was one with eleven; a first. That helps fill the dish.

Terry with Gull Lake Bluegill

Terry with a nice bluegill

Peas in a pod

Peas in the pod


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