Posted by: Arvid | July 8, 2015

The 50″ Club

It was a busy July 4th weekend in Baudette. With lots of things going on there wasn’t much time for fishing. Julie’s family arrived late Wednesday and Thursday morning, Darlis, Matt, Megan, Chase and I fished the river for a couple of hours. We had two lines out for sturgeon, but were looking for anything that would bite. At our first stop, Chase caught his first walleye, 19″ on a sturgeon rig and Megan caught a 13″ eater. We moved up by the airport and after a short time moved once more. We no more than set up and we got a hit on one of the sturgeon rods. It was Matt’s turn and he did a masterful job playing the fish. It was interesting, because the landing net we should have had was back at the house, but we managed and Matt got his sturgeon, a dandy 51″ fish and joins the 50″ club.

Friday, there was no fishing. A number of family members went for a ride on senior pontoon boat in the morning and then had a get together and fish fry at Timbermill Park.

Saturday, grandson Scott and I fished for a sturgeon for a couple of hours. Scott caught a mooneye with the only bite we had.

Sunday; no fishing; Anniversary party at the senior center.

Monday, Julie’s family stayed for an extra day. It was very windy all day out of the northwest and the river was rough. The wind began to let up after 6:00 so Darlis, Matt, Chase and I fished by the bridge for the last couple of hours before dark. We caught a duke’s mixture; one rock bass, one white sucker, two sturgeon; 36″ & 38″, and three walleyes; two eaters and Chase caught his second walleye, a dandy 26″ one.

A great weekend.

Matt with 51 inch sturgeon

Matt’s 51″ sturgeon

Chase with 26 inch walleye

Chase’s second walleye, a 26″ dandy


Darlis with his first open water sturgeon


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