Posted by: Arvid | May 25, 2015

Finally Got Fishing

Here it is, two weeks into the season and I finally got fishing. Opening weekend both Diane and I were fighting a cold that many folks have been dealing with for weeks. The second weekend we received between four and five inches of rain that has the water dirty, both the river and a long way into the lake. Reports this past week were poor. Yesterday, Sunday, I got a couple of good reports. There was cleaner water west of Zippel Bay and the bite was good. River conditions have begun to improve and I fished the river late Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours. I caught three eaters; that’s better than many of the “not a bite” reports I’d been getting.

It’s Morel season and that’s a little like the fishing; spotty. Willard and I have been out a couple times and have found a few; deffinately a below average year for us. The morels can’t figure out when to come up. We’ve found a couple of spots where we found a half dozen and there would be two or three that just came up and some that had been up for several days. It’s a great time of the year to be in the woods and the ticks haven’t been bad.




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